Just like no lotion in the world can compare to Renew Intensive Skin Therapy, there are no customers in the world quite like Melaleuca’s. That’s because Melaleuca customers believe that products should be safer, more effective, gentler on the environment, and a better value than those that line supermarket store shelves. And they’ve learned through experience that when it comes to simpler, safer, and smarter shopping, Melaleuca has just what they’re looking for.


Shopping for the best products made from the finest ingredients and delivering superior results used to be a daunting task. It required hours of comparison-shopping and detective work, not to mention visiting numerous stores. Melaleuca makes shopping a whole lot easier.

  • More than 250 exclusive wellness products—all in one place
  • 24/7 shopping convenience and monthly specials
  • Access anywhere, smartphone-friendly shopping


From the very beginning, Melaleuca has believed that cleaning your home shouldn’t pollute your environment, that being tough on germs shouldn’t be tough on your family, and that a little prevention can save you thousands in the long run. It may not be what you’d expect, but it’s exactly what your family deserves.

  • Super-concentrated products reduce cost and waste
  • Superior results without phosphates, bleach or caustic chemicals
  • Supplements tackle tough health problems with the power of nature


Part of Melaleuca’s mission of “Enhancing Lives” has meant investing in exclusive wellness breakthroughs you won’t find anywhere else—one-of-a-kind products that offer benefits that supermarket store products can’t at a value that’s simply unmatched.

  • Oligo provides superior mineral absorption and antioxidant protection
  • Tub and Tile cleans with the power and safety of citric acid
  • Affinia offers sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners at an unbeatable price
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